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Apeks technical and recreational range in Thailand

Apeks Black Ice BCD

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RRP 33,790  ฿
The Black Ice BC has been designed with the more serious recreational diver in mind. From Tech to Rec the Black Ice can meet all your demands and do it well. Designed to provide the comfort desired for daily diving and the features needed to take you over the edge, the Black Ice is ideal for the diver who does it all.

  • Equipped with flat E valves on the right shoulder and lower rear right and left sides (fitted with easy grip pull dumps). Flat E Valves are extremely streamlined with a one way design to keep water out.
  • Two shoulder settings for true custom adjustments.
  • Adjustable chest strap.
Image of Apeks Black Ice Bcd, front view
Image of Apeks Black Ice Bcd, right side

  • 3 waistband settings.
  • 3 Bladder retractors.
  • Wrapture HarnessŪ system (pat.pend.) The Wrapture Harness with valve strap allows the cylinder to be pulled in close to the body and remain in a perfectly vertical position. This allows the diver to stand straight up in total comfort without the cylinder pulling backwards.

  • 5 Stainless steel D-rings to add all the attachments that the diver desires.
  • SOLAS reflector inflator hold down.
  • Powerline inflator with internal dump cable.
  • Innovative swivel shoulder buckles.
  • Knife attachment points designed to accept many of the speciality BC knives available from Apeks/ Aqua Lung.
  • Right hand - Large utility pocket.
Image of Apeks Black Ice Bcd, left side
Image of Apeks Black Ice Bcd, rear viw

  • Left hand - Large capacity fold down pocket to provide additional space for dive accessories such as lights, masks, etc. To be stored securely.
  • Removable back pad - The back pad in the Black Ice is considered optional and can be removed. It is held in place by simple hook and loop attachments.
  • SureLock IIŪ Integrated Weight Release System.
  • Capable of mounting twin cylinders. (Twinning Kit part number - 427106)

Lift (lbs/Newtons) 52/230 52/230 52/230
Weight Capacity (lbs/kg) 42/19 42/19 42/19
Height (in) 5'4''-5'11'' 5'9''-6'3'' 6'0''-6'7''
Height (cm) 163-180 175-235 195-275
Weight (lbs) 145-210 175-235 195-275
Weight (kg) 66-95 79-107 88-125
waist (in.) 33-53 37-57 41-61
Waist (cm) 84-135 94-145 104-155


Part number:
397092 - S/M (Configured as M)
397094 - ML/L (Configured as L)
397096 - XL/XXL (configured as XXL)

Overall BC Weight:
ML/L - 4.40kg (9.7lbs)

Black - grey logos with SOLAS reflector shoulder hold down.

Intended Use:
Your buoyancy compensator is primarily designed to help you maintain neutral buoyancy while in a comfortably balanced, face-down swimming position underwater. It is also designed to provide you with flotation so that you can rest on the surface, but it is not designed to function as a life preserveror personal flotation device (PFD).

Temp Range:
No lower than -20°C (-4°F) & no higher than 65°C (150°F).

Cylinder capacities:
Single cylinder - Maximum Diameter - 20.5cm (8.1in.), Maximum Capacity - 15Litre
Twin cylinder - Maximum Diameter -17.7cm (7.0in.), Maximum Capacity - 2x 10Litre

Maintenance Recommendations:
Factory prescribed service for this BC must be performed at least once annually by a factory trained technician who is employed by an authorised Apeks Dealer. Annual service consists of a complete overhaul of the power inflator, and a general air leak inspection of the bladder and valve connections.

Tested and manufactured in accordance with:
This BC has successfully passed all the tests required by EN 1809 and EN 250 standards. The maximum operating depth limit as defined by EN 250 is 50 meters (164 feet).