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Apeks TEK3 Regulator

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RRP 41,390  ฿

Apeks has developed unique 1st stages specifically for use on a twinset. They have launched the new TEK3 1st stage regulators designed for use with twin cylinder configuration. The system benefits from streamlined hoses with little chance of accidental snagging and also improved ease of access to cylinder valves. Each 1st stage has 3 medium pressure ports and one high pressure port. They are balanced, cold water compatible and extremely robust. TEK3 looks great too.
Image of Apeks scuba diving regulator TEK3 First Stage

Image of Apeks scuba diving regulator TEK3 First Stages

The regulator can be purchased in both a left hand and right hand version to fit both posts of your twinset for optimum hose routing.

Usually you will find it is cheaper to buy them as a pair. Please see below for the mounted set-up.

The picture opposite and that below detail the TEK3 1st stages mounted on a manifold system. You can see how the hoses are neatly tucked away - both high pressure and medium pressure hoses. This is possible as all hoses are mounted on one side of the 1st stage and there is a 1st stage specifically for the left and one for the right.
Image of Apeks TEK3 Twin Set

Image of Apeks scuba diving regulator TEK3 First Stages

Another clear benefit for divers is the ease of access to the cylinder valve knobs. Vitally important during dives.

The TEK3 1st stages have been designed and tested for use with any Apeks cold water spec second stages. The choice is yours. This is a leap forward for extended range diving, wreck diving, cave diving, in fact any diving where twinset use is preferred.
  • Compact solid one piece body
  • 3 medium pressure ports, 3 x 3/8" UNF
  • 1 high pressure port, 1 x 7/16" UNF
  • Environmentally dry sealed system
  • Stylish bright chrome finish
  • Balanced for superior performance
  • Metal hand wheels
  • Proven technology used by technical divers worldwide
  • Maximum working pressure 300 BAR
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