Apeks Nemo Dry Purge Valve Snorkel

Nemo Dry Purge Valve Snorkel

The proportions of the nemo dry purge valve snorkel make it ideal for kids and smaller persons. The same quality of materials as with our adult snorkels. Replaceable silicone mouthpiece connection and silicone purge valve The purge valve design makes it easy for kids and beginners to clear the snorkel from any residual water.

Outstanding value for money.

  • Semi-dry top
  • Tube size for kids
  • Replaceable silicone mouthpiece connector
  • Easy release retainer
  • Replaceable silicone purge valve
  • Durable

Colour range:

  • BLUE
  • PINK


20% discount
Nemo Dry Purge Valve Snorkel      RRP  390 ฿