MTX-RC 1st Stage Regulator

Over-moulded innovative endcap and environmental diaphragm, a forged 1st stage body offering maximum thermal performance.

5 medium pressure ports, 5 x 3/8" UNF.

2 angled high pressure ports, 2 x 7/16" UNF.

Angled HP ports for optimal hose routing and fitting of transmitters.

Forged rotating turret with medium pressure ports in a parallel direction for improved hose orientation.

Ribbed diaphragm clamp for improved heat exchange in cold water conditions.

Tested for Octopus use - EN250A to 60 meters/197 FT cold water.

20% discount
First stage available in either Yoke or DIN                     
MTX-RC First Stage                 
RRP  27,590 ฿