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Technisub Mini Vega Torche

Mini Vega Torche

Halogen bulb for brightest and whitest beam. Compact torch with pistol grip for easy handling.


  • 130 Lumen
  • 5,9 Watt Minutes
  • Battery Powered

  • Body material: Thermoplastic
  • Batteries: 4 D size elements
  • Power: 5,9 W
  • Multi-mirror reflector diameter: 97 mm
  • Dimensions: 200 x 145 mm
  • Front glass: Thermoplastic
  • Weight in air / water: 1013 g / 25 g
  • Operational depth: 120 m
  • Switch: Mechanical trigger
  • Rotating safety lock
  • Thermoplastic reflector


Retail   3460,-   Baht
80 % off
Retail     690,-   Baht